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Circle Maker Charters offers fun and family friendly Walleye and Perch fishing charters on Lake Erie. The Circle Maker is a 31 Foot Sportcraft 3150 with a wide and stable ride to make your day enjoyable and comfortable.  

We are located in Marblehead Ohio and docked at Channel Grove Marina.We cover the western basin to the Vermilion/Lorain area. Casting or trolling were here to serve you to have a enjoyable day out on the water. Don't want to fish but just want to explore the islands of Lake Erie? We can do that too. Make a day of Cruising to the Bass islands or Kellys island or both! 

Again we are family friendly! And kids are welcome! Captain Paul and crew are committed to helping the next generation discover the fun of fishing and the great outdoors.      

 My name is Paul Walker, I've been a avid fisherman all of my life. I came to Christ later in life but he has changed my life in every aspect. I live north of Fort Wayne Indiana and when my children were still home I did the bass tournaments.But my love has always been walleye fishing on Lake Erie and when my children were grown up I wanted to do walleye tournaments. (All about me lol) Skeeter offered me a team deal on a walleye boat but for some reason I was unable to get financing. I felt sorry for myself for a while until my wife and I went perch fishing on Erie one day and went by a 31ft Sportcraft. Gina fell in love with it. Sleeps 6 air radar all the bells and whistles and fishes well. I have always thought about getting my captain's license and take people out fishing and fellowship with many people. There's a book called the Circle Maker written by Mark Batterson. It's based on Jewish folklore not scriptural. A guy named Honi around a hundred years before Christ. There was a severe drought in Israel so he went out into the dessert and drew a circle, got in it and prayed. The rains came and got too heavy so he went back out and did the same thing and the rains subsided. Pretty much the jist of the story is to just give everything to God. So I took a picture of the boat went home ,drew a circle in my garage and prayed for a couple of days. I went back with a offer, they accepted the offer approved the loan and gave me 450 more than I paid for my bass boat in 2004! ( I get the hint Lord). I started chartering things were on the up and up. Then a year and a half into it Gina was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer. I didn't know if I wanted to continue to travel back and forth. So I prayed about it and it wasn't a half hour I got a random email from my website. A gentleman from Atlanta tells me his parents had a boat in the same marina as me back in the 80's. They haven't been there since then can you take them fishing this weekend? When they got on board I said God has crossed our paths for some reason. His mother smiled but didn't say anything. We started to fish and I was telling her about Gina and our situation. That's when she looked at me and said she survived a miss diagnosed brain anurisiom and if it wasn't for the love of Jesus Christ I wouldn't be talking to you. Since then God has placed so many wonderful people in my life and blessed me beyond my dreams. Sadly Gina was called home April 23rd 2017. 3 days before she passed she wanted me to promise her that I would continue to take people out fishing and fellowship with many. I continue to this day to live for Christ. God bless everyone, Capt Paul.
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